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Lose weight. Increase your energy. Improve your overall well-being. All of this is possible with SilverSneakers. But that’s not even the best part. Check out some of our members’ stories to learn more about this best-in-class program for healthy aging.

Bob's Story:  "Pushing to be better"

Surviving a stroke at 51 is tough. Enduring two strokes within three months takes luck and tremendous grit. Bob Nygren didn’t give up. He didn’t wait for help. Bob began taking classes to improve his balance and strength. And when he turned 65, SilverSneakers began covering the costs of his YMCA membership. 

Sandy's Story:  "More than a fitness program"

Family keeps us safe and makes us strong. When you’re battling breast cancer, you need all the family you can get. When Sandy Eberle joined SilverSneakers, she knew the classes would distract her from chemotherapy and give her a reason to get moving every day. She didn’t know she would find her “second family.” 

Peter's Story: "Having the heart to thrive"

Having been active his whole life, Peter Eisenklam was shocked when at age 62 he developed a heart virus and a doctor confined him to the couch. Unwilling to accept that, Peter, a natural-born swimmer, used SilverSneakers to get back into the water.

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